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Patients want better advice from doctors.  They also want to be heard.  And that takes more time.  When your patients succeed in their healing--your practice will grow.  But you have to consistently communicate that message outward, and surveys show most practices don't follow through with marketing. Patients are looking for you and looking to work with their doctor in a new way.  Sheila Donohue, CMO, is an advisor with 25+ years of creative and marketing experience who leads a team who can actively help you. Health Marketing is a nation-wide service helping medical entrepreneurs attract and retain patients.

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Designers, writers and software folks, all have very different skill sets. You may be able to market yourself, if you set your mind to it—but how long will it take? And should that time be pulled from the core focus of running your practice? Probably not. Our team can establish a brand that is uniquely yours and manage the ongoing social marketing that is needed to grow.

Three realms that are successfully outsourced.

Research proves that the most effective areas of your business to outsource are accounting, IT and marketing. Why? All of these disciplines require specialized skills and significant effort.

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